7 behaviors to avoid If you don’t want your skin to be damaged, follow this. Good skin every day.

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Women and beauty often go hand in hand, causing most women to focus on taking care of themselves very special. But there are quite a number of girls who accidentally destroy their own beauty unconsciously. Therefore, today we bring 7 behaviors that girls should be avoided for good health What will be there, let’s see.

7 behaviors to avoid If you don't want your skin to be damaged, follow this. Good skin every day.

1. Use soap to wash your face regularly.
Using soap to wash your face is a highly discouraged behavior. Because the soap is alkaline, it makes our face dry and tight. As a result, the skin has to produce more oil, so any girl who likes to wash her face with soap. It is recommended to switch to a mildly acidic facial cleansing foam, and most importantly, you should choose a facial cleansing foam that is suitable for your skin type. To help improve skin health

2. I like to eat dessert.
Eating sweets doesn’t just make you fat, eating sweets can also damage your skin. Because sugar can cause the skin to dry out, which girls who like to eat sweets are advised to eat fresh fruit instead.

3. Using skin care products that have been used for too long
Every skincare product always has an expiration date. The fact that women use products that are expired or have been opened for too long. Whether it’s perfume, face cream, lipstick , the skin of girls may be damaged without knowing it. Therefore, it is best to throw away and buy a new one to ensure that the product works well.

4. Take a warm bath regularly.
Taking a warm bath will help your body relax and sleep better. However, frequent hot showers are not good for your skin. Because taking a warm bath often It will negatively affect the health of the skin, causing dryness and peeling of the skin. It also makes the pores on the face wide as well. If you want to take a warm shower, you shouldn’t shower too often and should choose skin care products that are most suitable for your skin type.

5. Not drinking enough water
Water is an important factor that will make girls have good skin health. Drinking enough water is very important, so women must drink at least 8-9 glasses of water a day to help keep skin healthy, moisturized, and more hydrated.

6. Use makeup brushes that are not clean.
Makeup brushes that girls It can be used even if it’s not used with anyone. Do you know that there are often a lot of bacteria and dirt accumulated? If used without washing it often It will cause acne on the face and may cause infection. Therefore, you should always wash your makeup brushes at least once a week.

7. Scrub your skin every day.
Exfoliation is a good health care routine as it gently removes dead skin cells. But exfoliating daily or too often can cause skin irritation to the point of peeling. It also makes your skin dry. Therefore, proper exfoliation should only exfoliate twice a week is sufficient.

Here are 7 behaviors that will make girls’ skin healthy. loss without knowing this ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com, it is better to avoid doing it for having a healthy skin forever.