What is Nine Gae?

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Kao Gae cards were originally popular cards to play at home and work like other cards such as Pok Deng Som Sip or something like this because the device used was just 1 deck of cards with 2-6 other players. Playing is similar to poker in that it uses psychology to lure players together to discard some cards, surrender some. However, this UFABET type of cards has been adapted to suit each playing area. Some play with a pure horoscope some with outsmarts. But no matter how you play in the end. The player with the most points or the last survivor will become the only winner.

What is Nine Gae?

How can you play Kao Kae?

Most people who are new to nine cards may think. That it can only be played in one way namely using 3 cards to decide the result. But in fact it can be played in up to 3 ways as follows:

  • Nine Gae 4 cards, each player will receive 2 cards first and show the other 2 cards face up on the table as a midfield. Turn over on the table to measure points. which players can use to plan their play as well
  • Nine Gae 3 Cards Each player receives 3 cards and immediately measures the result. Considered the easiest way to play. use the most luck Whoever gets good cards has a chance to win. Whoever gets a bad card has to work hard.
  • Nine Gae 2 cards can be regarded as a form that requires both luck and skill, that is, players will receive 2 cards each and then place bets. and will receive another card for each person in the next round and then place bets to compete again Although it looks complicated, it is the most popular style.