What is Laos online lottery? how to play in our house

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 At this minute, finding someone who doesn’t know the Laos lottery is probably as difficult. As finding lucky numbers for sure. But how many people will know the online Laos lottery so deeply that they can be used to build riches with the lottery? Which today we will bring all the UFABET lottery fans to get to know what the online Laos lottery is. How do they play?

What is Laos online lottery? how to play in our house

What is Laos online lottery?

        If talking about the Laos lottery, then on the home side, they will call it the Phatthana lottery or Phat Thana lottery. Sold by the State Enterprise Lottery Development. Ministry of Finance of Laos at a price of 1,000 kip, or about 4 Thai baht. In addition, the Lao lottery also has another name that Lao people call each other as “animal lottery” because it is a lottery that is popular with animals. prize number agent As for the appearance of the Lao lottery. It is similar to the land lottery of our country in the past. 

That is, it’s a story to write for each other. Maybe it’s because of its unusual form. Low starting stakes While the profit from playing the Laos lottery is as high as 6,000 times, it makes all of our home lottery fans interested. And many online lottery betting websites offer services for betting on Laos lottery. Or this Lao stock lottery comes up for Thai lottery masters to win

What date and time is the Lao lottery released?

        Originally, the Lao lottery would draw prizes every Monday and Friday. But nowadays, change the Lao lottery to be released every Wednesday as the lottery day instead. Which will start issuing prizes from 20.30 Thai time For lottery fans in Thailand can follow live broadcasts via Youtube or facebook, as well as other channels directly related to the Lao lottery. which will be broadcast simultaneously with the Lao National Television Channel 1 and the Lao National Radio Broadcasting Station.