Types of fish available in the game

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The most important thing for players to know is the types of fish that are available in the game. Because each fish has different payout rates. different properties So with each shot we have to make sure that the fish we kill will pay off well enough. In which the fish shooting game on mobile phones is divided into the following types of fish UFABET:

Types of fish available in the game

                  1. Item fish This type of fish will have items with it. If we kill the fish, it will get that item or some items will work by themselves.

                  2. Small fish are often used to save lives when we start to have less points left. Shooting these small fish will help the score gradually increase. They often come together in groups. If you observe carefully, sometimes there are latent fish items that will help make it easier to kill. But if you find a shrimp, don’t waste your time killing it. Even though it’s small, it’s very hard to kill.

                  3. Medium-sized fish is another type of fish that is used to shoot and collect points. Most of them are clown fish and puffer fish.

                  4. Large fish are more special in that if killed, most of them will give double points. such as sharks

                  5. Golden fish is another tough fish that is difficult to manage. But what I got was a score that was higher than usual. It can be said that if killing is definitely worth it.

                 6. Boss fish will come only after the scene transition is complete. Each type of boss fish has different abilities. Therefore, we have to choose the right gun to defeat the boss more easily. Even if we use a powerful gun, but if it’s not faster than the boss We will lose free points because we do not shoot. In addition, in one scene there may be more than one boss for us to kill. Which bosses can be divided according to their abilities into 4 types, namely

                            – Teleport bosses such as tiger fish that will keep coming out of the hole. Although fast, we have a high chance of shooting. The more you shoot with a missile, the easier it will be to deal with.

                            – Tough bosses such as shrimp or jellyfish, although they move slow like a challenge to shoot. But when actually shooting, until he died, he played and forgot the time.

                            – Chaotic bosses such as these dragon fish will enter the scene quickly. Sometimes it blocks the bullet’s trajectory, allowing our target to survive. In addition, getting hit by a bullet almost does not irritate our skin as well. It’s called both fast and hard. Made many people have headaches already.

                            – Twin bosses such as octopus, called twins because they keep rotating until we can hardly remember which one has been shot. Using a lightning gun will make it easier for us to kill it.