The female bull fired ‘Bilda’ even though she won the world championship and appointed ‘Tome’ to take control instead.

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RFEF orders the dismissal of Jorge Bilda as head coach of the Spanish women’s national football team. Even though they had just led the ยูฟ่าเบท team to win their first world championship successfully. After being close to Luis Rubiales, who caused a scandal to kiss a player Ready to appoint A female assistant works instead.

The Spanish Football Federation ( RFEF) dismissed Jorge Bilda from her position as manager of the 2023 Women’s World Cup winning team on Tuesday, September 5, without revealing the reason for her dismissal. This time which the media expected It came from a good relationship with Luis Rubiales, the president of the federation who was scandalous for kissing Jenny Hermoso on the mouth without her consent. Along with the appointment of Montse Tome to act instead.

The female bull fired 'Bilda' even though she won the world championship and appointed 'Tome' to take control instead.

The 42-year-old’s contract was canceled by the federation’s new committee. Which was formed after FIFA suspended Rubiales from football for 90 days pending an investigation into the kissing incident . Female Bull Army midfielder At the 2023 Women’s World Cup championship medal ceremony. The Spanish champions defeated England 1-0 in the final. In Australia On Sunday, August 20th 

Pedro Rocha , who took over as interim president and is creating a new image of the women’s football team. Montse Tome has been Bilda ‘s assistant since 2018 has been appointed as her replacement. Making her the first female coach of a Spanish young woman. Meanwhile, Bilda has also been relieved of her role as director. women’s sports teams as well

A statement from the RFEF said: ” The Spanish Football Federation. As one of the first measures announced by President Pedro Rocha. The decision was made to revoke the employment of Jorge Bilda as sporting director and coach of the women’s national team . Gratitude for the work provided For professionalism and dedication throughout the years. We wish him all the best in the future.”

Previously, the federation had issued an apology for Tremendous damage. The Spanish Football Federation has issued a statement regarding the actions of Luis Rubiales has been suspended and insists that this action does not reflect the values ​​that will be protected by the Spanish Football Federation. or the values ​​of Spanish society as a whole. It is considered the sole responsibility of Rubiales. Because he is responsible for what he has done.