Ronaldo posted the first message. After the interview attacked the Red Devils

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the dramatic striker of Manchester United, confirmed that this time he wants to concentrate on leading the Portuguese national team to win the World Cup. After just creating a scandal, giving an interview to attack the agency

Cristiano Ronaldo , Portuguese superstar Came out of the movement after throwing a large bomb at Manchester United, the agency in the English Premier League, by posting messages via social media. but to show full commitment to Portugal national team In the 2022 World Cup without any topics about the interview  

Ronaldo posted the first message. After the interview attacked the Red Devils

The 37-year-old has told TV talk show host Piers Morgan he felt the United squad were trying to force him out of the squad. As if he was being betrayed and a bad relationship with the Dutch boss Erik ten Hag. which he did not respect including various issues related to the club

Latest, veteran screen center who traveled back to serve the nation To prepare before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar Came out to post a message via personal Twitter that “Full focus on acting in the national team. unified group aiming for the same goal Make every Portuguese dream come true! “

However, there are still no pictures of meeting with his Old Trafford team – mates Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot after the pair had just arrived at the Cam. UFABET national team which the report states The Red Devils team-mates in the dressing room were very unhappy with this interview. but did not say who it was

Morgan said he received a phone call from Ronaldo just as the World Cup was about to start. And will keep him away from United for a month. Make what he said to have time to improve. And can come back and fix things He loves Manchester United and the fans, but he needs to speak up.