Red Devils announces to wait for all the facts and then deal with Ronaldo

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Manchester United are not in a hurry to manage Cristiano Ronaldo, the veteran center screen. In the case of giving interviews attacking the UFABET club on many matters by issuing a statement. Give me some time to collect all the facts before continuing with the sword.

Manchester United Premier League team Came out to move in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star came out for an interview and said that he attacked the club on many issues. Until it became hot news in the football industry by now confirming that all facts will be gathered. Therefore, consider what to do next. The team’s focus remains on post-World Cup preparations.

Red Devils announces to wait for all the facts and then deal with Ronaldo

The veteran striker leaves Juventus, rejoins United in 2021 on a two-year deal. Telling Piers Morgan on talk TV aired on Sunday November 13 that he does not. All respect to the manager Erik ten Hag and the betrayal by the club and the team has not improved anything over the years.

After the last 1 day, the Red Devils made a statement about the matter. Stating that ” Manchester United has acknowledged the media coverage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview and the club will consider how to manage After all the facts This time our goal Still at the preparation for the second half of the season. and to continue the momentum, belief and solidarity created between players, managers, staff and fans.”

It is reported that the Dutch boss expressing disappointment with such interviews After returning from London That the team went to narrowly win against Fulham 2-1 on Sunday And there will be a meeting with the club board. To review the penalty against the veteran star player who came out to attack the club

However, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner does not seem to care about the consequences because the 2022 World Cup in Qatar about to open up keeping him away from the club for a month and after coming back He was preparing to move out of the team during the January football market immediately.