How to play Gao Gae

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After all players have been dealt all 3 cards. Add points or arrange a set of cards in hand.

Players can place additional bets. By increasing the bet must be in accordance with the order. In which the cards are dealt. Whoever gets the UFABET card first has the right to bet first. Then slowly circle to the left hand side.

If the player wants to fold or surrender. You can fold your cards to stop playing in that round. Which crouching will immediately lose the commission

If no one raises Players must show cards to measure points. The winner is the one who has the biggest cards. And will get the pot with the money back as well. And has the right to turn up the cards or not turn up.

How to play Gao Gae

How are you doing with nine cards. Besides being easy to play and not complicated. You can also use strategies and psychology to trick others into giving up. It means that just having a fortune is not enough. You have to make a face to read each other’s minds. For anyone interested in playing through online casino. Now, many dealers have begun to provide services in the live casino section. Let’s go play and see.

rules of nine

            What is not available in playing nine-again cards is the dealer. This game will use only 1 deck of cards with players ranging from 2 – 6 people. Before every play the pot must be placed first. Depending on how it was agreed. How many baht. As for the first round of dealing cards. But in the next round.