Henderson opens up about his declining value as a reason for leaving the Reds to go to Saudi Arabia.

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Jordan Henderson can’t accept having to allow a new generation of players to take his place. Because I still believe His body is still fit enough to fight in the Premier League, and Liverpool aren’t thinking of holding him back. Therefore decided to move to Al-Ettifak, insisting that money was not an important aspect of the decision.

Hendo opens up about his declining value as a reason for leaving the Reds to go to Saudi Arabia.

Jordan Henderson, former captain of Liverpool , said in an interview. The reason he decided to move to Al-Ettifaq. A club in the Saudi league, was because he felt his own value had decreased. After not being a true member of the team anymore. Even though he has the position of captain of the team, plus the Reds didn’t think to hold on when there was an offer from a สมัคร ufabet team in the league of oil millionaires. Makes us have to accept the changes that will occur in the future.

After 12 years at Anfield, the 33-year-old midfielder spent three years in the Saudi Pro League. Where he reunited with Former teammate. Steven Gerrard is the team manager again. Along with receiving a huge salary of approximately 700,000 pounds or approximately 31.5 million baht per week. But he said that the real reason came from being undervalued. Because the club had to build a new team, he had to leave the team.

“There are some things that are setting off alarm bells,” the veteran midfielder said. “I have a good relationship with Jürgen (Klopp). He is very honest with me. I won’t go into details about the discussion because it is a private matter. But it made me know I won’t be playing much. I know there will be new players in my position and if I don’t play. That might be difficult. Especially when I’ve been at a club for a long time. And I have been the captain of the team for a long time. In addition, there is also the England national team and the Euro competition waiting.”

At the same time, Hendo also went on to say that After that, there was a contact from Al-Ettifaq to the club to see if Will it be possible to move there? But the reaction from the club was not one of denial. Makes you feel as if your self-worth has decreased Or the needs of the team manager or club that wants you to stay may change. He knew that time would come at some point, but he didn’t think it would be now. and must accept it

Henderson, however, denies money is a key factor in his move. “That’s the hardest thing. People have seen that this club comes with a lot of money. And the players moved on. But in reality this is not the case at all. People can believe me or not. But in my life and career Money has never been a motivator. Don’t get me wrong, when you move you want to feel wanted. You have to feel valued. And money is part of that. But that’s not the only reason. And these possibilities arise even before money is even mentioned.”