Grading Chelsea’s players in the Premier League game, almost falling asleep, but still coming back to cheer, scoring 2 goals in injury time, overtaking Crystal Palace 3-1 : Player Ratings

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• Go after first. And there was no chance to shoot on target in the first half
• But as they played, when Pochettino corrected the game, Chelsea overtook Crystal Palace by 3 goals
• And this is the score of Chelsea’s players. Regularly playing this ยูฟ่าเบท game

Grading Chelsea's players in the Premier League game, almost falling asleep, but still coming back to cheer, scoring 2 goals in injury time, overtaking Crystal Palace 3-1 : Player Ratings

Did an excellent job in the previous match defeating Aston Villa 3-1 in the FA Cup last week. This makes it another expectation for Chelsea fans that their beloved team will be able to create continuity. Ultimately, although the first half is head-shaking, They fell behind and had no chance to shoot on target, but when Mauricio Pochettino caught the point and corrected the game, Chelsea overtook Crystal Palace 3-1, which actually happened in the final moments. Before the end of the tie, divide the points

Chelsea player ratings

Jorge Petrovic – 7 – made the first save from Jean-Philippe Mateta’s shot, but was unable to help from Jefferson Lerma’s superb long-range effort on the half-hour mark. As for the second half, there was an important save, a difficult goal, a full-on shot in front of Franza’s area that prevented him from conceding the second goal. before finally coming back to win

Ben Chilwell – 6 – Not a hard-working game. Including not being as outstanding as the other side, Malo Gusto, in the second half, 68 minutes had a chance to shine far into the points. But he couldn’t control his direction so well that he crossed the beam.

Thiago Silva – 7 – returns to the starting line-up in place of Benoit Badiacil after being dropped in the previous match. And had to face enough problems when colliding with a giant striker like Jean-Philippe Mateta, who fell and blocked a shot in the 61st minute, causing injury and having to leave immediately.

Axel Disasi – 7 – took turns following Jean-Philippe Mateta and Thiago Silva throughout the game. Ready to have a chance to push up and hit the door as well at the end. But couldn’t beat the rival goalkeeper.

Malo Gusto – 8 – Participated a lot in the game. But the last ball Turning in is not very accurate. Off target more than friends However, once it was on target, it became 1-1 for Connor Gallagher as soon as the second half started. Other than that, overall it is considered good. In fact, there is no need to change them out at the end.

Moises Caicedo – 6 – The first half involved a passing game. Take photos with friends around you. Rather than chasing and cutting off the opponent’s game when Chelsea is in possession of the ball, even though they are the away team. But I made a small mistake. Until losing the ball and losing the first goal

Enzo Fernandez – 7 – Like Caicedo, he focused on passing more than anything else in the first half. But there was a mistake in payment. I don’t understand with my friends. The second half was actually quiet. But he broke through and shot to close the box, repeating the 90+4 victory.

Nicholas Jackson – 6 – Despite playing very well in the last game, But today it turned out to be very quiet. Completely disappeared from the game in the first half. Apart from passing the ball and playing with friends, I didn’t do anything else. Until the second half, although there was a greater role But it wasn’t enough until it was removed.

Connor Gallagher – 9 – Lots of running to help the team as always. The first half looked confusing. Somewhat with having to replace Cole Palmer’s position, who retreated down periodically. Possessing Chelsea’s only chance to finish the score, the shot flicked off the post. But just 23 seconds into the second half, they immediately scored an equalizer with the opening moment of Malo Gusto coming in to send a volley into the net. The most important thing is the second double, a 90+1 winning goal, taking 3 points back in the end.

Noni Madueke – 5 – continues to get his chance to be a starter. Shows early speed The timing uses good speed. But passing the ball and trying to play superior is a problem. Especially in the half hour period when they played too hard to make a short pass to Caicedo until he was cut off and immediately conceded a goal from a long shot. The result was that he was immediately substituted at the start of the second half.

Cole Palmer – 8 – Despite starting in goal again But it seemed like he was free to run up and down. You can leave your position at will. But the problem that arises is that it cannot penetrate the back of the opponent’s house. And they still look confused among each other. Until the second half, he had to return to the center of attack on the right side when Madueke was substituted. Which was 100% the correct decision when Palmer clearly got to play with the ball more. And finally, he created the ball for Gallagher to score the winning goal 90+1 as well as feed it to Enzo Fernandez to score a 90+4.


Christopher Nkunku (in place of Noni Madueke, 46th) – 6 – Sent on urgently at the start of the second half. By both standing in front of the target Switched to the left side in place of Nicholas Jackson, but his participation in the game was minimal. The ball rarely arrived.

Levi Colville (instead of Thiago Silva, 61) – 7 – came on to pair with Disasi in the last half hour, replacing Silva, who had injury problems. And there were some important game moments to be seen. considered quite satisfactory

Raheem Sterling (in place of Nicholas Jackson, 79) – 6 – Turned around, thought slowly, acted very slowly with the golden opportunity that Cole Palmer stabbed to clear the air in the 83rd minute until finally shooting. Attached to the block It was good that he was able to make amends with the next moment when he created the ball to start for Palmer, leading to a 2-1 overtaking goal.

Alfie Gilchrist (replaces Malo Gusto, 84) – 6 – came in just to add freshness. Helping the center back play against the opposing offensive line. which is considered not to have created any errors