Can it be like this?! Ashton United on loan for Haaland during the World Cup break

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“The Blues” Manchester City have received an offer from Ashton United, an English Division 7 team, on loan for Erling Haaland, a good striker during the World Cup.

English Premier League football has been on hiatus for some time now . The national team keeps fit and trains for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. That will kick off against each other between November 20 and December 18, with each team in the Premier League. Named players in the UFABET World Cup going to serve their home country

Can it be like this?! Ashton United on loan for Haaland during the World Cup break

Manchester City, the top team in the English Premier League, has a famous player like Erling Haaland. The team’s hot form striker did not go to the World Cup in Qatar because the Norwegian national team. Failing to qualify for the European zone, allowing him to rest for months

Recently, there are news reports that “The Blues” received an offer to borrow Erling Haaland from Ashton United, a Division 7 club in England for 28 days, to help the team during that time. Lower level football still has the same competitive program.

Ashton United manager Michael Clegg revealed: “We want to help keep Haaland fit during the time Manchester City has no fixtures. It’s better than letting him play golf for the whole 6 weeks, which comes to play for us. He will keep fit. And our team will have someone come during the shooting range.

For Erling Haaland, the 22-year-old striker moved from “yellow shirt” Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City in the past summer. By showing the best form, scoring 23 goals from playing in all competitions for the army “The Blue Sailboat”

Ashton United, a club in the Northern Premier League Premier Division or Division 7 of England, are in 11th place in the table, scoring just 23 goals all season.