Another Bomb! Ronaldo insists his daughter is sick but the ghost board doesn’t believe

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Cristiano Ronaldo still has issues with Manchester United until he has to vent when he recently criticized the club’s board of directors for not believing that his daughter is sick Causing not to come to practice during the pre-season and also threw a band of tusks at the UFABET team owner

Famous journalist Piers Morgan reveals the latest clip of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United striker, who came out for an interview, showing doubts about the club’s board. even though he said His daughter was sick with bronchitis. Therefore unable to travel to join the training with the team before the club’s pre-season tour

Another Bomb! Ronaldo insists his daughter is sick but the ghost board doesn't believe

The 37-year-old striker and his wife , Georgina Rodriguez, suffered a tragedy earlier this year. when they lost their little son Although the arrival of another twin daughter make them have Some hope and happiness But that took some time to get over it before I could come back.

Ronaldo said his daughter Bella was ill , but executives didn’t believe in his words . which made me feel bad I would never trade my family’s health for football. Be it now, 10 years in the future or in the future. And it’s something that hurts me a lot. Because they doubted my words, I was having a hard time, especially Bella and Geo, we had to stay in the hospital for a week because Bella had a big problem and I didn’t go to pre-season because of that.

Meanwhile,  CR7 also came out to criticize the Glazer family , which owns the club. They don’t care about the club because Manchester United is a marketing club. They earn money from marketing. But as for sports, they don’t really care in their minds. There are certain things in the club that don’t help the team reach the top level, like Manchester City , Liverpool and even now Arsenal , who are doing well. 

Ronaldo ‘s future at Old Trafford will certainly be over. After an interview with both the club and Erik Ten Hag, the Dutch coach. At this time, many clubs would like to have, for example , Chelsea and Inter Miami, who had previously been interested, or recently, Paris Saint-Germain was rumored to want to join the agency in January as well. Because Luis Campos , the consultant of the team, sees that the team still lacks experienced players.